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. Company was established in 2006, has TUV, CE, ROHS, ERP certificates. We are committed to promoting the wide adoption of cutting-edge LED lighting, replacing outdated and under-performing fittings with evermore efficient solutions, and slashing energy bills and carbon emissions.
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The Different Types of Linear Batten Luminaires
Aug 10,2022
There are many different types of Linear Batten Luminaires available in the industry. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and they can be installed individually or in continuous rows. They can be used as ceiling or wall fixtures, as well as in coves and other irregular spaces. You can also use them as suspended fixtures, and there are a variety of reflectors to choose from for specific applications. Most linear batten Luminaires are quick-connectable. If you're looking for a way to install a linear batten light fixture without breaking the bank, LED IP65 High Output Linear Batten Luminaires are a great option. They'll replace 1x58W Single T8 fluorescent battens and 2x35W Twin T5 linear fixtures, providing an energy-efficient, maintenance-free solution. They're also ideal for a range of applications, from waiting rooms to passageways. Linear Batten Luminaires are an attractive, low-profile lighting solution. These fixtures are easy to install and have many indoor applications. They are commonly used for general room lighting from the ceiling, but can be wall-mounted depending on your needs. These lights are easy to install and feature a variety of colour temperatures and are extremely energy-efficient. They can last for years, outlasting other lighting technologies. This article will discuss the different types of Linear Batten Luminaires and what makes them so popular. In addition to their versatility, these linear lighting options come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of them can be suspended or recessed, while others are designed to be surface-mounted or grid-ceiling-mounted. Some are available with connecting shapes, allowing lighting designers to create unique designs. Some are LED-based, which means that they're directional, so you won't need diffusers, which can decrease their efficiency. Whether you need task lighting, accent lighting, or recessed lighting, the options are endless. Tri-proof Led garage light Impact resistant industrial luminaire VS18ALS-60 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Outdoor LED IP65 waterproof batten energy efficient lamp extrusion led lights named VSAL,which a perfect connect of PC cover and aluminum bottom case. It is also with convenient wiring when opened and closed. IP 65 rating, non-corrosive PC housing,aluminum body, design looks upscale.And inside,designed as replaced LED module,easy for maintain. 5 years warranty make sure it is works for a long time. Wide application- widely used in Car wash, Warehouse, Barn,Walk in Freezer,Gas Station, Parking Garage and industrial Kitchen, Stairwells,Tunnel, Patio outdoor venues,etc. Where moisture is a concern. Name Tri-proof Led garage light Impact resistant industrial luminaire VS18ALS-60 Product parameter Item Tri-proof Led garage light Impact resistant industrial luminaire Housing PC cover and Aluminum bottom shell Watt 18W Product Size 600x58x55mm                         Lumen 110lm/w Color temperature 2700k--6500k Beam Angle 120° Driver Vison driver Function Emergency&Microwave Sensor
Three Types of Weatherproof Linear Lighting
Aug 03,2022
If you want your outdoor lighting to be weatherproof, consider installing recessed lights. Weatherproof linear lighting will not only withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions, but they will also be aesthetically pleasing. Here are three different types of outdoor linear lighting you can use for your outdoor space. Whether you want to illuminate a walkway, a patio, or even a poolside lounge, you can find the right type of lighting for your needs. The Weatherproof linear lighting series is available in Textured Gesso White. All of these fixtures are UL and cUL certified for outdoor use. Because they are weatherproof, they are reliable, energy efficient, and safe. You will appreciate the energy savings and streamlined installation of these fixtures. However, you should always remember to check the label to make sure they are actually waterproof and have a good seal of approval. The family of LED industrial luminaires are also available in weatherproof versions. IP65-rated, these fixtures are easy to install and come with fast-fit surface mounting clips so you don't have to drill holes in the housing. This versatile, weatherproof, and highly efficient product is perfect for wet and outdoor applications, as well as assembly areas. The family is available and static white, making them a great choice for industrial lighting. Weatherproof linkable lights are made of aluminum housings with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. They are waterproof, dust-proof, and impact-resistant. You can mix and match the different fixtures within your series, but the run should not be over 800 watts. There are mounting brackets included with the fixtures for wall and ceiling installation. If you are installing the lights suspended, you can also purchase a suspension kit. These are great options for outdoor lighting because they are both waterproof and weather-resistant. LED IP65 industrial slimline linear batten lighting luminaires VKT-0618 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LED IP65 industrial slimline linear batten lighting luminaires named VKT to be an efficient alternative to T8 fluorescent lamps. With their high lumen oupput lightspan battens are ideal for indoor commercial spaces that need bright task lighting and at up to 120lm/W they offer big energy savings compared to equivalent fluorescent fittings. Name LED IP65 industrial slimline linear batten lighting luminaires VKT-0618 Product parameter Item LED IP65 Industrial Linear Batten Lighting Luminaires Housing PC body Watt 18w Product Size 620x53x41mm                              Lumen 2250lm       Color temperature 2700k--6500k Beam Angle 140° Driver Vison driver PF >0.9 RA >80 IP 65 Function CCT adjustable
Benefits of Industry Linear Batten Luminaires
Jul 27,2022
There are several benefits of using Industry Linear Batten Luminaires in the industrial sector. These fixtures are durable and offer superior lighting performance. In addition to their high-end features, these lights can save money and energy. These lights are available in two main types: linear and recessed. Both types of lights can be installed on a surface plate or recessed system. Read on for more details. Let us first look at why you should choose this type of lighting. The G5 LED Batten offers a balance of looks and performance that meet the needs of industrial and retail environments. This fixture can be installed indoors and outdoors and provides dramatic energy, maintenance and CO2 savings. This plan can save you up to 80 percent on the total cost of ownership of your new LED luminaire. LED IP65 High Output Linear Batten Luminaires provide energy-efficient replacements for traditional linear batten fittings. They replace 1x58W Single T8 Fluorescent Battens and 2x35W Twin T5 Linear fittings. The LEDs emit soft light with a wide angle of illumination. A variety of options are available to suit your needs. These industrial luminaires are also durable and can withstand a range of temperatures and climatic conditions. LED batten lights are durable and easy to install. They are also IP44 protected for protection. However, if you plan to use the fixtures outdoors in harsh conditions, Linkable LED Tri-proof lights IP66 are more suitable. This lighting solution is solid-state and high-shock-resistant, and is best suited for large-scale commercial and industrial environments. This type of lighting is also suitable for retail and warehouse lighting needs. Another advantage of LED batten lights is that they provide a bright light and enable smooth movement for industrial workers. Many of these workers are on duty for shifts and require constant visibility. LED batten lights are energy-efficient, too, and are cost-effective. This reduces electricity costs as they don't use a great deal of energy. This means a lower bill for industrial facilities. So if you're in an industrial environment, you should invest in LED batten lights. Another advantage of LED batten lights is that they are dimmable, meaning you can set the lighting mood to match the occasion. You can use the light for different tasks and functions such as highlighting products that have high customer traffic. Often, retail stores operate on long hours, so the lighting used in their establishments consumes a lot of energy. This in turn increases electricity costs for store owners. With LED batten lights, you won't have to worry about energy costs. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Outdoor LED IP65 waterproof batten energy efficient lamp extrusion led lights named VSAL,which a perfect connect of PC cover and aluminum bottom case. It is also with convenient wiring when opened and closed. IP 65 rating, non-corrosive PC housing,aluminum body, design looks upscale.And inside,designed as replaced LED module,easy for maintain. 5 years warranty make sure it is works for a long time. Wide application- widely used in Car wash, Warehouse, Barn,Walk in Freezer,Gas Station, Parking Garage and industrial Kitchen, Stairwells,Tunnel, Patio outdoor venues,etc. Where moisture is a concern. Name Tri-proof Led garage light Impact resistant industrial luminaire VS18ALS-60 Product parameter Item Tri-proof Led garage light Impact resistant industrial luminaire Housing PC cover and Aluminum bottom shell Watt 18W Product Size 600x58x55mm                         Lumen 110lm/w Color temperature 2700k--6500k Beam Angle 120° Driver Vison driver Function Emergency&Microwave Sensor
How Can a Custom LED Batten Light Fit Many Purposes?
Jul 20,2022
Are you in the market for a new light fixture? Are you wondering how to find an energy-efficient, slim, and practical LED batten light? If so, you've come to the right place! LED batten lights can fit many purposes, be practical and efficient, and be both beautiful and functional. With a little research and help from the experts, you'll find the perfect light for your home. Continue reading to learn more about LED batten lights. Energy-efficient LED Batten lights have several benefits. For one, they produce about 20% more light than other lighting options. They also reduce energy costs by 78%. LED Batten lights are expected to last for at least two years and are warrantied for another two. LED chips are a crucial component of these lights. If you're considering purchasing LED batten lights for your home or business, consider the advantages of each type. Read on to learn more. LED battens are built for versatility and ease of installation. They can emit three hundred lumens, allowing you to illuminate any area. Their high CRI rating makes colors pop, textures, and finishes pop. The light source displays true colors to an impressive 80%. The light emitting diodes reduce heat. Lastly, these battens can withstand extreme temperature ranges, meaning they're ideal for workstations. Slim LED Batten lights have become a popular modern alternative to fluorescent tube lighting fixtures. They combine the benefits of LED technology, which can increase energy efficiency by more than 90%, with an ultra-slim design. LED Battens deliver a steady and uniform light output, making them suitable for public and professional spaces. These lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there's sure to be one that suits your needs. Despite their sleek look, LED batten lights are also perfect for low ceiling gyms. Their slim profile uses less ceiling space while making the room look bigger. Moreover, they can be installed by DIYers, and the best part is that they are made to last for several years. A modern Morris Batten light is the perfect touch for a minimalist gym room. You can choose from several styles and colours for the light, depending on your preferences. Minimalist When you want a contemporary yet minimalist look, you can't go wrong with a minimalist custom LED batten light. This surface-mounted light is made from aluminum with a white powder coating. The light can be used as a decorative accent as well as a lighting source. Listed below are some reasons to choose this style of light. They will go well with any modern-style home interior. And because they are so functional, they can double up as lighting as well. The LED batten is fabricated so that it can be connected to other lights to create more sophisticated custom lighting designs. Its 120-degree beam angle and curved edges support even distribution of light. It's available in 60cm and 90-cm lengths and is dimmable. It can also be suspended from ceilings. A custom-designed LED batten is the best choice for your interior design project. Practical The practical use of a custom LED batten light depends on how you choose to install it. LED batten lights are available in two main types: linear and strip. While linear is more effective for lighting up a single object, strip has the advantage of being more directional. Strip lighting can be cut to any length and is versatile enough to be installed more than once. You can install both types of batten lights in your home. For garages, LED batten lights are a great way to improve the experience of working while at the same time reducing your energy bills. These lights are suitable for garages and can be found in several different sizes and colours. They are also environmentally-friendly and will help you save money on maintenance. For outdoor use, these lights are also weatherproof and anti-corrosive, making them a great choice for garage lighting.
If you are in the market for an LED industrial fitting fixture
Jul 13,2022
If you are in the market for an LED industrial fitting fixture, you should consider the Crouse-Hinds series PLE LED fixtures. These fixtures can replace conventional 70 to 175 watt HID fixtures and are designed for use in non-hazardous areas. They are available in four models, ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 lumens. Some models have a separate emergency light option. These fixtures deliver long life and maintenance-free operation. They also come with multiple mounting options. An LED industrial fitting fixture has several benefits, including increased light quality. The primary metric to measure light quality is the Color Rendering Index (CRI), a scale from 0 (grayscale) to 100 (natural light). The higher the CRI, the better the light quality. LED lights have a CRI of 90 or higher, ensuring better aesthetics in commercial facilities and enhanced quality of life for anyone working or living in them. LEDs are energy efficient and can save you up to 80% on energy bills. This cost savings can be used to finance the LED replacement. Additionally, LED lights last for many years, which saves you money over time. This makes LED lighting a great investment. The benefits of LED industrial fitting fixtures are many, but these benefits make them well worth the investment. These fixtures are a great option for industrial settings. There are several types to choose from, including a variety of colors and sizes. Professional lighting specialists can help you determine which LEDs are right for your needs. LED industrial fitting fixtures come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and features. These versatile lights are designed for use in a wide variety of locations. From mining sites to loading docks, to meeting rooms, they are ideal for any industrial setting. In addition, they are waterproof and resistant to frequent on-off cycles. And unlike their omnidirectional counterparts, these LED lights are more energy-efficient. This is good news for all of us. When choosing an industrial LED light fixture, you should consider its price. This light source is often more expensive than a traditional replacement, but the overall cost is lower. The benefits of LED light fixtures outweigh the expense. Many of these products are offered with rebates and incentives to help you make the transition. The benefits of LED lighting are numerous. Purchasing an integrated light fixture will reduce your upfront cost while enhancing your facility's aesthetic appeal. These fixtures are ideal for warehouses and other commercial buildings with low ceilings. Unlike high bay fixtures, these lights have a lower energy consumption and may not distribute light well. Moreover, the LED industrial fitting fixture can help you cut down on electricity bills. For large spaces, LED strips can be used as a great option. In addition, they have a smaller footprint and lower energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent and metal halide bulbs.
How To Change The LED Tube Of A Slimline LED Batten Light
Jul 06,2022
Changing the LED tube of your Slimline Led Batten Light is a relatively simple task. First, disconnect the power source. Remove the electronic ballast if it's present. The ballast may damage the LED tube, so you'll need to cut any loose wires and connect them in a circuit. If it uses a magnetic ballast, remove it as well or bypass it completely. After that, you can simply screw in the new LED tube. The  Light is a double-insulated, slimline design that delivers fantastic brightness. It is also an energy-efficient lighting solution. Made from aluminium with a PVC diffuser, this slimline light is easy to install with just two wires. It is available in three sizes and has a 4000K colour temperature. To get the most out of this product, it's worth considering a few key features. The slimline LED Blade batten has a profile of only 37mm, making it ideal for garages and other spaces. Its modern design and tricolour light source makes it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial uses. The Blade is also available in a variety of other colours, so you can choose the right one for your specific needs. Read on to discover some of the benefits of the LED Blade batten. We've rounded up some of the key features to make your buying decision easier. The  Light is the perfect under cabinet lighting solution. Made from steel with a white gloss powder coated finish, the battens add a touch of elegance to any room. Its prewired cable is cut to half the fitting length to make fixing it easy. Its simple design also includes a connector for the mains. Here's a closer look at the different features of the slimline LED Batten Light. The Slimline LED Batten Light is 50% brighter than an LED T8 Tube Light. It is an excellent choice for garages, attics and domestic use. Designed to be easy to install, this slim light comes with integral solid quick release brackets for ease of use. It is made of a steel body and white gloss powder coating. In addition, it features polycarbonate end caps for a ribbed, shatterproof finish. Low-profile and double-insulated, the Slimline LED Batten is perfect for commercial spaces. The batten can be suspended from the ceiling and features easy-fit screw terminal connectors to make installation a breeze. Its low-profile design makes it perfect for use in hallways, kitchens, and commercial spaces. These lighting fixtures are available in four-, five-, and six-foot sizes and can be purchased from Mark Lighting, an online retail store based in the United Kingdom. The LED Batten Lights are available in two different sizes, four ft and six feet. Both of these options feature 6000K light output and are Energy Class A. Moreover, they come with pre-wired cables. You can easily plug them into the mains using the provided connector. They also come with white finish. Therefore, they are suitable for a variety of different purposes. The Slimline LED Batten Light is a great option if you're looking to add extra light in your home. Its white finish is elegant and makes it a stylish option. It also has a pre-wired cable, which is cut to half the fitting's length for easy fixing. And for the best energy efficiency, it is equipped with a connecter to connect to the mains.
How SLIMLINE Batten Lighting Can Benefit You
Jun 29,2022
SLIMLINE batten lighting is an excellent way to light up your kitchen, hallway, commercial space, or domestic garage. Its sleek design makes it easy to install and unobtrusive, and comes with adjustable surface mounting brackets. In addition, the slim LED light is energy-efficient and dimmable. These characteristics make it ideal for a variety of spaces. Read on to discover how these lights can benefit you. IP65 SLIMLINE BROUGHT batten light IP65 SLIMLINE BROUGHD batten lights offer a stylish alternative to fluorescent tube lighting. Featuring an ultra-slim 28mm solid patte, this light is perfect for outdoor installation. Its IP65 rating protects it from dust, water, and physical impacts. In addition, its water resistance makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. Using a single LED or a dimmer can increase its ambiance and save energy. IPLEDEM IP65 SLIMLINE LED batten lighting is available in a choice of 4000K colour temperature, and it is highly efficient. IPLEDEM line LED batten lights are also long-lasting and energy-efficient. This IP65 SLIMLINE LED batten light has a lightweight aluminium body and an opal diffuser made of polycarbonate. The inbuilt LED lamp provides bright, even illumination. Waterproof LED batten light The Slimline waterproof LED batten light is an innovative lighting solution that combines a lightweight aluminium body with a polycarbonate opal diffuser. Its LED lamp is non-replaceable and offers an average life of 25000 hours. Its colour temperature is 4000K, and it is easy to install. The slimline design is primarily used in commercial spaces, car parks, workshops, schools, and other outdoor areas. This water-resistant LED batten light is a great replacement for fluorescent fixtures. These energy-efficient LEDs switch on instantly and last longer than fluorescent lighting. This makes them perfect for domestic and public environments alike. The slim and waterproof SLIMLINE LED batten light can be surface mounted and is available in lengths of four feet, five feet, and six feet. They feature built-in LED drivers and are UL/cUL listed for both indoor and outdoor use. Energy-efficient With an IP rating of IP 65, SLIMLINE batten lighting is rated as energy-efficient and suitable for outdoor use. These energy-efficient light fixtures have a ninety percent longer lifespan than fluorescent tubes and are easily recyclable, as well. Additionally, they are easy to install, and come in three different sizes to match any space. LED batten lights are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial settings, as well as hospitals, factories, and schools. LED Battens are also energy-efficient and offer a balanced performance between price and quality. At 120 lm/W, they offer a substantial energy-saving over fluorescent technology. The slim design and white polycarbonate profile make these battens ideal for retail stores, office spaces, kitchens, garages, and attics. LED Battens provide cool white light, are slim and elegant, and can replace a 5ft fluorescent fitting with a single LED. Dimmable There are a number of benefits of dimmable SLIMLINE batten lighting. For one thing, LED batten lights have a much longer lifespan and are more energy efficient. In addition, they are solid-state, shock resistant, and flicker-free. Another benefit is that they are certified CE and Rohs compliant and come with a three-year warranty. You can use them indoor or outdoors and save money on energy costs while getting a beautiful lighting design. LED batten lights have many advantages over fluorescent tube lighting. LED batten lights are a better choice for homes and businesses because of their long life and reduced maintenance costs. They also reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. They are ideal for public and residential spaces because they provide bright illumination without flickering. LED lights are also easy to install, and anyone can install them without any technical expertise. Just make sure that the electrician is licensed to do so.
Factors to Consider When Buying an Industry Linear Batten Luminaire
Jun 23,2022
If you're considering installing an Industry Linear Batten Luminaire, consider some factors you should consider before buying. These lights are available in different lengths, including two, four, five, and six feet. They are suspended-mounted and feature IP44 protection. LED batten lights are a good choice for indoor applications, as they're long-lasting and can handle the toughest conditions associated with thermal activities. But, if you're planning to use them outdoors, consider purchasing Linkable LED Tri-proof lights, which are IP66-protected, solid-state, and shock-resistant. Linkable lights are also great for seamless connections, since they can be daisy chained or linked together. In addition to long-lasting performance and energy savings, Seven Batten LEDs feature a wide range of colors. This includes true whites, ambers, and ultraviolet and lime LEDs. Each batten has a full input surge protection system and CRI across all mixed white color temperatures. The Amber LED extends the color spectrum with a high CRI. LED zone control provides further design flexibility. The BRN LED is available with a wide color spectrum and is compatible with both tungsten and incandescent light bulbs. Linear and Batten light are different in appearance, and each has its own pros and cons. Battens are wider than linear lights, but linear lights are brighter. Moreover, their various sizes affect their applications. Because of their size, battens are ideal for interior applications, including factory basements, canteens, and shopping malls. Meanwhile, linear lights are most suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and coffee shops. Prismamic acrylic battens are particularly suitable for cleanroom applications. They are easily replaceable and feature smooth surfaces. Their shaped covers also minimize glare. They're available in single luminaires and full lighting strips. And they're also energy efficient, making them a viable choice for areas where there's a need for high-quality light. They're also compatible with a variety of applications, including LED-based lighting. LED Batten lights are an excellent option for replacing conventional tube-style fixtures. LED technology makes them an energy-efficient choice, and they have many advantages. LED Batten lights use 90% less energy than their conventional counterparts. The lifespan of LED Batten lights is long, and the installation process is simple. You can even use them on high ceilings. You'll be happy you chose them! There's no doubt about it: LED Batten lights are a great choice for any indoor application. And, unlike fluorescent tube-style fixtures, they're easy to install, with no special tools. LED batten lights also eliminate darkness. The light can be fixed in locations other lighting solutions can't reach. LED batten lights also work well in industrial environments. In addition to their cost-effectiveness, LED batten lights also resist the extreme temperatures. This means they'll cut down on electricity expenses and help you keep your business moving smoothly. And, thanks to their low-maintenance nature, they don't get hot or damaged. Cixi Lightvision - Industry Batten Luminaires Factory Whether you're looking to buy industrial batten luminaires or LED linear lights, you can trust a China manufacturer for quality products. Founded in 2006, Cixi Lightvision manufactures quality lighting solutions for industrial and commercial premises. The factory boasts several certificates, including the TUV, CE, ROHS, and ERP.  
The IP65 rated industrial linear light is a general purpose LED luminaire with flexibility
Jun 15,2022
IP65 Industrial Linear Lights If you're looking for the perfect outdoor lighting, look no further than IP65 industrial linear lights. They're the perfect choice for garages, outdoor venues, meeting rooms, and more. LED IP65 waterproof design means they can withstand dust, moisture, and dirt. Plus, they can achieve an IP66 rating for added protection from the elements. The following are just a few of the many benefits to these lights. The IP65 rated industrial linear light is a general purpose LED luminaire with flexibility and a broad range of lumen outputs. These IP65-rated lights come with fast-fit surface mounting clips that eliminate the need for drilling into the housing. VersaLite is designed to meet the demanding demands of industrial lighting applications and offer high ingress protection. The IP65 rating makes VersaLite suitable for use in outdoor areas and in assembly areas. The 15 HEX BAR IP is an IP65 rated lighting fixture with a 4' long design and two rows of Cree 2835 SMD chips. Its aluminum substrate and Aircraft Grade Mounting Track provide maximum cooling performance. This IP65-rated fixture also comes with Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets and a 1 foot direct wire whip. This IP65-rated light fixture is ideal for outdoor use and is designed to withstand dust, dirt, and humidity. Tokio series The Tokio series of IP65 industrial linear lights features a polycarbonate, opal diffuser, and is made to meet the requirements of both IP65 and 10kV rating. The LED chip used in this series is of the Nichia brand and has a CCT of 130lm/W. These products are available with 3, 6, or nine LEDs. In addition, the lens system of these lights is 8deg, 25deg, and 40deg, respectively. GRE Alpha lighting solutions offer a wide range of operating temperatures and feature a patented housing design that simplifies wiring. Other features include user-adjustable output current and four combinable output channels. They are PSE and CCC-listed, making them suitable for outdoor use. GRE Alpha products also meet all the required safety standards and are certified for use in Japan. In addition to being IP65-rated, these LEDs are UL and cUL-classified.
The  family of LED fixtures is a broad and versatile general-purpose LED industrial luminaire
Jun 08,2022
Weatherproof Linear Lighting For Your Landscape Design Project If you're looking for a good weatherproof linear lighting solution for your landscape design project, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the  Brandon series, the HYN1910F, and the HYN1915F. These are great choices for outdoor landscape lighting, because they will remain bright and safe even under rain and snow. Read on to learn more. We've also included some tips on how to install the fixtures. The  family of LED fixtures is a broad and versatile general-purpose LED industrial luminaire. IP65 rated and supplied with fast fit surface mounting clips, this lighting product is suitable for outdoor, wet and assembly-line applications. The series offers a comprehensive range of lumen outputs and is weatherproof.  is available with a 12-year warranty. The LEDs are available in static white and RGBW. Brandon series If you're looking for a new outdoor wall fixture, consider the Weatherproof linear lighting series . Available in Textured Gesso White, this wall fixture is sure to make a big impact. These fixtures are UL and cUL certified for your peace of mind. And because they're designed to be installed outdoors, Brandon Lighting's LED fixtures are safe, reliable, and energy-efficient. HYN1910F The HYN1910F is a weatherproof recessed linear profile that combines a frosted lens housing with an extruded aluminum body. It is designed to produce uniform diffused light in outdoor tile and interlock applications. The HYN1910F is available in various lengths, ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet. The light source is a dimmable dot-free LED with a wide CCT range of 2200K to 6000K. HYN1915F HYN1910F Weatherproof Linear Lighting is a recessed, waterproof LED luminaire with frosted lens housing and an extruded aluminum body. Its IP65 rating provides high ingress protection and is ideal for submerged applications. Its dimmable LED light source is available in CCT ranges from 2200K to 6000K, making it ideal for applications like landscape lighting, outdoor tile accents and signage. HYN1920F The recessed surface HYN1913F features an extruded aluminum housing with a 3/4 inch flat frosted lens. This fixture produces uniform diffused light for tile, stone, or wood. It is waterproof and is made to be mounted on either a flat or curved surface. The EnoLight HYN1913F is the perfect fixture for indoor and outdoor applications, including both decorative and ambient lighting. HYN1925F The Weatherproof linear lighting HYN1925B is an attractive and highly versatile outdoor LED luminaire. This IP65-rated fixture comes with fast-fit surface mounting clips to avoid drilling the housing. The recessed design allows for variable lengths up to 8 feet and is complemented by a dot-free LED light source. Available in CCTs from 2200K to 6000K, this fixture provides an even, diffused illumination. HYN1930F The HYN1910F weatherproof linear profile is made of extruded aluminum with a protective silver anodized finish. It supports a frosted lens housing. Its unique design allows it to provide uniform diffusion of diffused light to outdoor tiles, interlocks, and other surfaces. Its IP65-rated design makes it suitable for submerged applications, while its dimmable dot-free LED provides a uniform white light source in a range of CCT values ranging from 2200K to 6000K. HYN1940F HYN1913F is a recessed surface linear profile that is made of extruded aluminum and capped with a 3/4 inch frosted lens. It is designed to produce a uniform distribution of diffused light in surfaces such as wood, stone, and tile. The light is water resistant, making it suitable for wet environments and mounting on flat or curved surfaces. It is IP65 rated, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. HYN1950F The Hyphen series features dot-free LED technology, a bright white light source, and a wall or hand remote for easy installation. The HYN1913F is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, and is perfect for ambient or decorative illumination. These versatile fixtures are manufactured in Canada, and offer IP65 protection.