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. Company was established in 2006, has TUV, CE, ROHS, ERP certificates. We are committed to promoting the wide adoption of cutting-edge LED lighting, replacing outdated and under-performing fittings with evermore efficient solutions, and slashing energy bills and carbon emissions.
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Easy installation and maintenance. TUV, CE, ROHS, ERP certified waterproof batten lamps.
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VSEB Waterproof lighting
VSEB Waterproof lighting
A waterproof LED light is a light that is designed to be used in wet or damp environments, such as outdoors in the rain, in a bathroom, or in a swimming pool. These lights are typically sealed and coated to protect the electrical components and the LED bulbs from moisture and water damage. Waterproof LED lights can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting up outdoor areas, illuminating walkways, and providing accent lighting in indoor spaces. They are often energy efficient, long-lasting, and durable, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.
VSEC IP 65 Triproof batten lights
VSEC IP 65 Triproof batten lights
IP65 refers to the level of protection provided by an electrical enclosure against the ingress of solid objects, dust, and water. It indicates that the LED light is protected against dust and low pressure water jets from any direction.A tri-proof LED light is a type of light fixture that is designed to be resistant to dust, water, and impact. It is commonly used in outdoor and industrial settings where the light fixture may be exposed to harsh conditions. Tri-proof LED lights are sealed and rugged, making them suitable for use in wet or dusty environments. They are also energy-efficient and have a long lifespan, making them a cost-effective lighting solution.
VKT Slimline LED batten light
VKT Slimline LED batten light
IP65 is a rating for electrical enclosures that indicates their level of protection against solids and liquids. Slimline batten lighting refers to a type of fluorescent light fixture that is thin and typically used to provide general lighting in a variety of settings, including commercial and residential buildings. They are known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to provide bright, even lighting over a wide area. Some slimline batten lighting fixtures may also have features such as adjustable color temperature, dimming capability, and emergency backup lighting.The IP65 rating means that the fixtures are protected against low pressure water jets from any direction, making them suitable for use in damp or wet locations.
VSRY IP65 industrial linear lights
VSRY IP65 industrial linear lights
An enclosure rated IP65 is protected against dust, and is also protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction.VSRY IP65 industrial linear lights are lighting fixtures that are designed for use in industrial environments and are rated IP65 for protection against dust and water. These lights are typically used in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings where they may be exposed to dust and water. They are designed to be durable and resistant to damage, and are typically made of sturdy materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.
VSAL LED Aluminum lights
VSAL LED Aluminum lights
VSAL LED Aluminum lights are a type of light fixture that uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. They are made of aluminum, which is a lightweight and durable material that is resistant to corrosion and rust. These lights are often used for a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial lighting. They are known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements. In addition to their practical benefits, LED aluminum lights can also add a modern and stylish touch to any space.
VSALS Industrial luminaires
VSALS Industrial luminaires
Linear batten luminaires are light fixtures that consist of a linear (rectangular or square) housing and a fluorescent lamp. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings, such as offices, schools, and warehouses, to provide general illumination. They can be mounted to a ceiling or wall and are typically designed to be energy efficient and long-lasting. Some linear batten luminaires may also feature additional features such as an emergency backup system or adjustable brightness.
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What effects does phosphor coating have on the use of LED batten lights?
Nov 30,2023
Fluorescent powder coating is a normally used material in LED batten lights to modify and enhance the colour characteristics of mild. The primary issue of this coating is fluorescent powder, which could soak up incident light and re emit mild of different hues. The fluorescent powder coating has the following outcomes on the usage of LED batten lights :1.Improving light coloration and color temperature: Fluorescent powder coating can modify the coloration of the light emitted by way of LEDs to better meet precise wishes. By deciding on exceptional types of fluorescent powders, extraordinary mild colors and color temperatures can be accomplished, including warm white light, natural white mild, and bloodless white light.2.Improving brightness: Fluorescent powder coating facilitates to enhance the brightness of LED batten lights. By changing the coloration of light, fluorescent powder can increase the output of seen mild and enhance the lighting fixtures effect of the lamp.3.Adjusting spectral distribution: Fluorescent powder coating can adjust the spectral distribution of LED to make it more suitable for specific packages. This allows to meet lights desires, supplying the required colors and lights traits.
Will the quality of the LED driver affect the use of LED batten lights?
Nov 21,2023
Yes, the satisfactory of LED driver power has a good sized impact on the use and performance of LED batten lights. The fundamental characteristic of LED driving force energy is to convert electrical power into contemporary and voltage suitable for the operation of LED chips. The following is the impact of LED driving force electricity best on LED batten lights:1.Stability and reliability: A exquisite LED driver strength supply can offer solid modern-day and voltage output, preventing LED batten lights from being stricken by voltage fluctuations. An unstable power supply can also motive fluctuations in the overall performance of LED batten lights and even harm LED chips.2.Power thing: A exact LED motive force energy supply typically has a higher strength element, which means it can more efficiently convert electric power, lessen strength waste, and enhance power efficiency performance.3.Current accuracy: LED batten lights require a particular present day to function well, so the LED driving force electricity deliver have to provide correct present day output. Low quality power resources might not offer strong and accurate current, leading to LED overall performance troubles or shortened lifespan.4.Power safety characteristic: High excellent LED motive force power elements are normally prepared with overcurrent protection, overheating protection, quick circuit safety, and different features, which can correctly defend LED batten lighting from electrical faults.5.Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): High quality motive force energy layout can reduce electromagnetic interference, save you LED batten lighting fixtures from interfering with other gadgets, and enhance the stableness of LED structures.6.Lifetime and durability: Good strength supply design and notable additives can boom the lifespan of LED pressure strength elements and reduce the hazard of failure.When choosing LED batten lights, the exceptional of the using power deliver that comes with them is equally vital. The use of low-great or mismatched driving force power materials may additionally result in unstable LED batten lighting, shortened lifespan, or even damage to LED chips. Therefore, it is recommended to select amazing LED driver energy components produced with the aid of dependable producers that follow applicable standards and policies.
Will the quality of the radiator affect the use of LED batten lights?
Nov 14,2023
Yes, the satisfactory of the heat sink immediately affects the use of LED batten lights.The lifespan of LED batten lights is significantly affected by temperature, so the fine of the warmth sink is vital for the lifespan of LED batten lights. If the nice of the heat sink is negative and can not successfully use up the warmth generated by using the LED mild strip, it will cause the temperature of the LED mild strip to upward push, thereby affecting its service lifestyles. In addition, if the layout of the warmth sink isn't always affordable, it can additionally lead to the inability to efficiently dissipate the heat of LED batten lights, thereby shortening their provider existence.Therefore, while selecting LED batten lights, fantastic heat sinks need to be decided on to make sure the carrier life of the LED batten lights. At the identical time, for the duration of use, interest ought to also be paid to regular protection of the radiator to make certain its normal operation.
Will the accumulation of dust and pollutants affect the use of LED batten lights?
Nov 06,2023
Yes, the buildup of dust and pollutants may also have an effect on the use and overall performance of LED batten lights. These debris can aggregate on the floor of the lamp strip, thereby affecting its heat dissipation potential, light output, and usual overall performance. The following are possible problems resulting from the buildup of dust and pollution:Heat dissipation hassle: The accumulation of dust and pollutants can preclude the heat dissipation of LED batten lights, leading to an growth in temperature, thereby shortening the lifespan of LED additives and reducing the general overall performance of the light strips.Reduced light output: Dust and pollution can adhere to the lens or cover of the mild strip, inflicting a decrease in mild output and affecting lighting fixtures pleasant and brightness.Electrical fault: If dust and pollution input the indoors of the LED strip, it may cause electric brief circuits or different electronic component associated problems, which could affect the normal operation of the whole LED strip.To decrease the effect of dirt and pollutants on LED batten lighting, the following measures can assist keep the good overall performance of LED batten lights:Regular cleansing: Regularly cleansing the surface of the mild strip, inclusive of lenses or covers, can lessen the accumulation of dust and pollution, hold light output and lighting impact.Reasonable set up area: Choose the correct installation area to avoid installing LED batten lights in regions vulnerable to dirt and pollutants accumulation, along with regions with excessive dust waft within the air.Protective cowl or shell: In environments in which a huge quantity of dust and pollution might also collect, the usage of a protecting cover or shell can successfully guard LED batten lighting fixtures from the affect of dirt and pollution.By taking these preventive measures, the carrier lifestyles of LED batten lighting fixtures can be prolonged and their continuous, green and solid performance may be ensured.
Will voltage fluctuation damage the components of LED batten lights?
Nov 01,2023
Yes, voltage fluctuations may cause damage to the components of LED batten lights. The electronic components in LED batten lights require high voltage stability and constancy, and excessive or frequent voltage fluctuations may cause the following problems:1.Overload issue: Excessive voltage fluctuations may cause the components in the LED batten light to withstand currents exceeding their design limits, resulting in overload, damage, or even burning of the components of the LED batten light.2.Transient overvoltage: Sudden voltage peaks or spikes may cause serious damage to the components of LED batten lights, leading to their damage or failure.3.Voltage drop issue: Voltage fluctuations may also cause voltage drops, causing LED batten lights to malfunction or produce significant changes in light output.It is crucial to ensure a stable voltage supply in order to protect the components of LED batten lights. Installing voltage stabilizers, overvoltage protection equipment, and regularly checking the voltage stability of the power grid are all effective methods for protecting LED batten lights. If LED batten lights are frequently subjected to voltage fluctuations, their lifespan may be affected. Therefore, taking measures to maintain a stable voltage is crucial to ensure the normal operation of LED batten lights and extend their lifespan.
Can LED batten lights be used in humid places?
Oct 23,2023
LED batten lights may have some problems when used in wet places.Firstly, a humid environment may affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driver power supply, leading to a shortened lifespan of the lamp.Secondly, if the LED batten lights is in a humid environment for a long time, it may cause short circuit or other electronic component failure due to moisture intrusion.Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using LED batten lights in humid environments and take corresponding protective measures. If it must be used in a humid environment, LED light strips with waterproof function should be selected and ensure good sealing to prevent moisture intrusion. At the same time, attention should be paid to regular inspection and maintenance during use to ensure the normal operation and service life of LED batten lights.The use of LED batten lights in humid environments may affect their performance and lifespan. The following are some countermeasures to help reduce the impact of wet environment on LED batten lights:Waterproof function: It is crucial to choose LED batten lights with good waterproof function. This type of light strip usually has a waterproof shell and sealing design, which can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating and protect internal electronic components.Proper installation location: When installing LED batten lights in humid environments, it is also important to choose an appropriate installation location. Try to avoid exposing the light strip directly near water sources or areas prone to water accumulation to reduce the risk of moisture.Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the shell and surrounding environment of the LED batten lights to ensure good sealing and remove dirt or obstacles that may cause moisture. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of LED batten lights and ensure their stable performance.Using moisture-proof equipment: In humid environments, using some moisture-proof equipment, such as dehumidifiers or air circulation systems, can help reduce the humidity in the environment and reduce the possibility of LED batten lights getting damp.By taking these precautions, the risk of LED batten lights being damaged in wet environments can be reduced and help ensure their normal operation and long service life.
Can the brightness of LED batten lights be adjusted?
Oct 16,2023
Yes, the brightness of LED batten lights can be adjusted in several ways, depending on the specific model and the controls available. Many LED batten lights are designed to be compatible with dimming systems or controllers, allowing users to adjust the brightness levels according to their needs. Here are some common methods for adjusting the brightness of LED batten lights:1.Dimmer Switches: LED batten lights can be connected to compatible dimmer switches, allowing users to adjust the brightness manually. Dimmer switches come in various types, including rotary, slide, and touch-sensitive switches, providing users with the flexibility to set the desired light level.2.Smart Controls and Systems: Some LED batten lights can be integrated into smart lighting systems that allow users to control brightness remotely through a mobile app or a central control panel. These systems often provide additional features such as scheduling, automation, and the ability to create customized lighting scenes.3.Integrated Dimming Functionality: Certain LED batten lights come with integrated dimming functionality, allowing users to adjust the brightness directly through the fixture without the need for external dimmers or controls. These fixtures often include built-in switches or buttons that enable users to cycle through different brightness levels.4.External Controllers: In commercial or industrial settings, LED batten lights can be connected to external lighting control systems that offer advanced functionality, including precise brightness adjustments, zoning, and integration with building automation systems.It's important to ensure that the LED batten lights and the dimming controls or systems are compatible to avoid any issues such as flickering, buzzing, or reduced dimming range. When choosing LED batten lights, consider whether you'll need the ability to adjust brightness and select models that support the appropriate dimming methods for your specific application.
Does the environment where LED batten lights are used need to be ventilated?
Oct 09,2023
Yes, the environment where LED batten lights are used should ideally be adequately ventilated, especially if the lights are installed in areas where they might generate a significant amount of heat. Proper ventilation is important for several reasons:1.Heat Dissipation: LED batten lights generate heat, primarily from the LED chips and associated electronics. While LEDs are more energy-efficient and produce less heat than traditional lighting technologies like incandescent bulbs, some heat is still generated. Adequate ventilation helps dissipate this heat, preventing the LED fixtures from overheating.2.Temperature Regulation: Maintaining an appropriate operating temperature is essential for the longevity and performance of LED lights. Excessive heat can lead to accelerated LED degradation and reduced lifespan. Proper ventilation helps keep the operating temperature within a safe range.3.Preventing Heat Buildup: In enclosed spaces or fixtures with poor airflow, heat can build up around the LED components, which can lead to reduced efficiency and potentially cause electronic components to fail prematurely.4.Reducing the Risk of Flickering: In some cases, inadequate ventilation can cause LED fixtures to flicker or exhibit other performance issues. Proper airflow can help prevent these problems.When installing LED batten lights, it's essential to consider the ventilation needs of the specific environment. Here are a few tips to ensure proper ventilation:1.Choose Fixtures with Adequate Heat Sinks: Select LED batten lights with effective heat sinks that can dissipate heat efficiently.2.Avoid Overcrowding: Ensure that fixtures are not overcrowded in a confined space, as this can impede airflow. Leave sufficient space around the fixtures for air circulation.3.Use Fans or Ventilation Systems: In areas where heat buildup is a concern, consider using additional fans or ventilation systems to improve air circulation.4.Check Manufacturer Recommendations: Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding installation and ventilation requirements for the specific LED batten light models you are using.Proper ventilation helps maintain the performance and longevity of LED batten lights, especially in applications where they are used continuously or in high-temperature environments.
Can LED batten lights be used frequently?
Oct 07,2023
Yes, LED batten lights can be used frequently without any adverse effects on their performance or lifespan. In fact, LED lights are well-suited for frequent use, and they are particularly energy-efficient and durable in this regard.Unlike some traditional lighting technologies, such as incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes, which can experience a reduced lifespan when turned on and off frequently, LED batten lights are not significantly affected by frequent cycling. You can switch them on and off as often as needed without worrying about prematurely shortening their service life.LEDs are solid-state lighting devices, and they do not rely on a heating element like incandescent bulbs. As a result, they don't experience the wear and tear associated with frequent on/off cycles. This characteristic makes LED lights an excellent choice for applications where frequent switching is common, such as motion sensor-controlled lighting, occupancy sensing, or areas where lights are often turned on and off throughout the day.So, whether you plan to use LED batten lights frequently or infrequently, they are a reliable and efficient lighting choice that can provide long-lasting performance.
What Are the Features to Consider When Selecting an LED Batten Light?Do You Know?
Sep 25,2023
LED batten lights are an energy-efficient lighting solution for homes and businesses. They offer superior lighting performance, eco-friendliness and durability compared to traditional fluorescent tube lights. Most lighting retailers have a range of LED battens and can advise on the best solution for your space. Some may also be able to help with any local government rebates available. When selecting an LED batten light it is important to consider its lumens and lux output and colour temperature. The brightness (lumens) of the light indicates its intensity and the lux rating is a measure of how much light falls on a surface per square metre. For a garage, basement or workshop setting it is recommended to go for at least a background lux of 100 with additional spot lighting provided by workbench lamps for extra illumination where required. The colour temperature of the LED bulb is measured in kelvins and can affect the mood and visual clarity of the light. A higher kelvin rating is more natural and closer to daylight. Other features to look for are the ingress protection (IP) ratings of the LED batten light. If your garage, basement or workspace is exposed to dust, water splashes or power jets it's important that you select a batten that is designed to handle those conditions. Most LED battens have a high IP rating and are designed to be weatherproof and dust-resistant.